About VOX™ Books

Books That Help Build Readers

Our mission is to engage children with books and help develop strong, motivated readers.  We created VOX Books because we know good reading skills and a love of learning are key to success in school and in life.  

Working with teachers, librarians and families, we’re committed to supporting literacy development by: 

  • Selecting the highest quality books – books that are fun for children yet provide great mental nutrition.
  • Adding carefully crafted, entertaining narrations – that bring the books to life without overshadowing or distracting from the original text.
  • Combining the books and audio into a uniquely simple, low-maintenance format that’s always accessible and requires no set-up, no extra devices and no delay.

We love books.  We know every child has special gifts, unique potential and the ability to learn.  There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing the spark that appears when a child is absorbed in a book and his or her world opens up in a brand new direction.  

If you have suggestions or feedback — or want us to transform your favorite children’s book into a VOX Book — we’d love to hear from you.  

Together we can get kids reading, expand their worlds and help them develop lifelong skills for success.  

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