What are VOX™ Books?
VOX Books are printed books that have a unique VOX audio reader permanently attached inside the front cover. This VOX Reader is preloaded with a professional audio narration of the text of the book, enabling children to read and listen to the book simultaneously. 

VOX Books combine immediately accessible books and audio into one portable, easy-to-use package. No additional CDs or devices.  No additional subscriptions or fees.

To learn more about VOX Books and how they work, please see the section titled How VOX Books Work.

What ages are VOX Books suitable for? 
VOX Books are currently available for children ages 4 to 7 (pre-K through 2nd grade). Please check back, however, as we will be expanding our catalog to include titles for additional ages. 

In what languages are VOX Books available?
VOX Books are currently only available in English. However, they make an excellent resource for English Language Learners since they enable non-English speakers to hear fluent English spoken as they're learning to read in a new language. 

Where can I purchase VOX Books?     
VOX Books are currently only available directly from Cinnabar Media Ventures via our web site. To view titles and select books, please see our catalog. 

What are my payment options? 
VOX Books can be purchased by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
Schools and libraries may also purchase by submitting a valid purchase order.

If I purchase VOX Books using a purchase order, where do I mail our payment? 
Payments should be mailed to the address on your invoice:

Cinnabar Media Ventures, Inc.
3266 Lansmere Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44122

To learn more about our payment policies, please see our customer service page.

I’m not affiliated with a school or library. Can I purchase VOX Books?
Yes. If you are not affiliated with a school or library, you may purchase VOX Books at the standard retail price instead of the discounted school and library price. 

What is your return policy? 
Your satisfaction with VOX Books is our most important priority.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, simply email us at service@cinnabarmedia.com or write to us using the form on our Contact Us page, at any time within three months after purchase. Depending on your situation, we will replace your items, credit your account, or issue a full refund. 

To learn more about our product policies, please see our customer service page.

What if I need a replacement VOX Book?
If the VOX Reader malfunctions in any way, simply email us at service@cinnabarmedia.com or write to us using the form on our Contact Us page. We will replace your VOX Book free of charge at any time during the first year. 

If the physical book becomes ripped or damaged, we will provide a replacement copy at a discount of 50%, at any time during the first two years. Use the form on our Contact Us page or email us at service@cinnabarmedia.com for help. Proof of purchase may be required

What is your shipping policy? 
Shipping and handling charges are 9% of the order total.

Titles in stock generally arrive within 4-7 days, via UPS. Please contact us at service@cinnabarmedia.com or by using the form on our Contact Us page if you need expedited shipping .

What if I need additional copies of a title without the VOX Reader for group use in my classroom? 
For information about purchasing additional copies of VOX titles without a VOX Reader, please email us at service@cinnabarmedia.com or use the form on our Contact Us page.  

What type of headphones and other audio accessories work with VOX Books? 
Any set of headphones or earphones that fits into a standard audio jack will enable you to bypass the built-in speaker and listen via your external audio accessory.

What happens when my VOX Book needs to be recharged?
A fully charged VOX Book will provide 100-200 listenings, depending on the length of the recording, before it needs to be recharged.  When the battery is low, the blue indicator light will flash.  To recharge the battery, simply connect the VOX charger that was included with your book into the dual headphone/charging jack and plug it into any standard wall outlet.  Your book will be fully charged and ready for additional listening within three hours or less.

One VOX charger is included free of charge with every three VOX Books purchased.  If you would like additional chargers, you will find them listed in our catalog.

How can I contact your web hosting service?

Blue Archer, Inc.
5808 Bryant Street, 2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

How do I know that my online order and payment information are secure?
Our website is secured using industry-standard SSL certification.  This means that there is a secure connection between internet browsers and our site, allowing for the safe transmission of private data online. Sites that are secured with SSL can be recognized by the presence of a padlock symbol in your browser’s URL address field.