VOX Audio-Enabled Books

Books + Audio – Combined

Each audio-enabled VOX™ Book has an audio reader with complete narration permanently attached inside the front cover.   It’s ready for listening directly from the book — no CD, no computer, no tablet.  

  • Unique new book format delivers a complete audio narration directly  from a printed book.
  • Children can read and listen simultaneously – without any additional CDs or electronics.
  • Simply open the book, push the PLAY button and listen from beginning to end.


VOX Books Build Better Readers

Audio Improves Reading Effectiveness
Studies have found that pairing audio with print has a significant impact on reading performance.  Adding audio narration

  • Increases reading accuracy by 52% 
  • Improves reading comprehension by 75% and 
  • Increases recall 40% over print alone.  

Adding audio increases reading comprehension by


over printed text alone.

Audio Improves Fluency
Listening to fluent readers and expressive narrations also provides emerging readers with strong, positive role models and helps develop their fluency.

Audio Increases Motivation
Audio adds an entertainment factor that makes learning to read fun and increases motivation by as much as 67% compared to reading with a printed text only.

VOX Books Feature the Best Children’s Books for Learning and Fun

Librarian and Teacher Approved
The books we feature are selected by teachers and librarians for their educational value and appeal to children from Pre-Kindergarten to 2nd grade.

Whether used in a classroom for structured reading practice or borrowed from the library and shared at home for entertainment, each VOX Book is designed to capture a child’s attention and build literacy.

Hard-Working Non-Fiction with Exceptional Engagement

Vox BooksOur non-fiction readers capture children’s attention with high-interest topics supported by beautiful photography and narratives that feed curiosity.  

Carefully designed to promote literacy development and build vocabulary, these non-fiction titles support Common Core objectives and strengthen reading skills across grade levels.  

Simple layouts help younger children as they begin to read.  As children advance, these readers are perfect resources for beginning research.  


Picture Book Entertainment That Expands Understanding

With a mix of silly stories, clever word play and captivating characters, our picture books demonstrate the timeless appeal of a well-crafted story.   

While children giggle and laugh, however, these books invite new perspectives and expose children to advanced concepts like inference, metaphors and exaggeration – all while building vocabulary and fluency.  

Powerful Tools for Struggling Readers

The VOX Books combination of audio plus print helps build strong readers by improving: 

  • Fluency
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Better understanding of print mechanics and the rules of grammar

The multi-sensory combination of print and audio has particular potential, however, to help readers who are struggling or reluctant.  

VOX BooksAudio-Assisted Reading Programs Can Boost Skills Dramatically
A regular program of audio-assisted reading, in which a child repeatedly listens to a recording of a fluent reader while he or she reads along in a book, can help struggling readers make significant gains. 

In one study in which audio-assisted reading played a key component, students gained an average of 2.2 years in reading achievement, after participating in the study for 27 weeks, or 3/4 of a school year. 

Increasing Confidence and Motivation
Because children can use VOX Books unassisted, they develop a sense of independence and competency that helps support confidence.  

And VOX Books’ combination of high-interest titles and engaging narrations, plus the intrinsic motivation factor of audio, make reluctant readers much more likely to follow reading guidelines and to enjoy independent reading time.

VOX Books in the Classroom

VOX Books are great for independent reading and student research. Our nonfiction titles are Common Core-ready.

And they’re perfect for supporting the Listen to Reading component of the Daily 5 program.


VOX Books in the Library

VOX Books are accessible and enjoyable, even to kids who aren’t natural book lovers.

Plus, they can be read alone or listened to alongside a parent.



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