How VOX Books Work

Using the VOX Reader

An extremely thin VOX Reader is permanently attached to the inside front cover of each audio-enabled VOX Book. This Reader is pre-loaded with a complete narration of the book. There’s no set-up. Just push a button and listen.

Listen Right from the Book

  • Pre-loaded with full narration
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • No set-up required
  • No computer, no tablet, no phone
  • Just push a button and listen!

Only 5mm thick, the VOX Reader is small and lightweight. So VOX Books look and feel just like regular books. The only difference? There’s sound inside. No need to worry about CDs getting lost, scratched or mismatched. No need for a computer, tablet or e-reader. Read and listen anywhere.

User Controls

Adjust the volume using the and buttons. Move forward or back a page with the and buttons.

Listening Options

Use the built-in speaker above the control panel or attach earphones using the jack along the left side.

Easy Charging

To recharge, simply insert the included wall charger into the earphone/charging jack and connect to a wall outlet.

Print + Audio in One Convenient, Easy-to-Use Format

New VOX Books are completely portable read-along books that enable children to listen directly from a book while they follow the printed text and illustrations.


Ready to Read
VOX Books look and feel just like regular printed books – with the same full-size layouts and illustrations.  And the same immediacy and tangible interaction.  

Pull one off the shelf, open the cover and it’s ready to read.  No screens, no set-up.

Ready to Listen
A full narration is included in the permanently attached VOX Reader.  So there’s no need to worry about missing, damaged or mismatched CDs. 

The audio is always ready and available – simply push the button and listen.  No CD player, no computer, no phone, no tablet.  

Ready to Go
Because VOX books are an all-in-one solution, they’re completely mobile.  The battery-powered VOX Reader will read 75-200 times between charges, depending on the length of the narration.  

Pick one up, bring it with you and it’s ready to read anytime, anywhere.   

If my VOX Book breaks, will you replace it?

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