VOX for Libraries

Audio-Enabled VOX Books help develop a love of reading

Today, many children struggle with reading. Like everyone else, they encounter more screens than books. And because of new testing standards, reading often seems more like a chore than something to enjoy.

VOX™ Audio-Enabled Books can help counter these trends.


VOX Books are chosen for their ability to engage children, both on the page and through narration. Titles are available in picture books and non-fiction, across a variety of reading levels and subjects. 


VOX Books are for all children, whether they are already voracious readers or still learning the basics.

Studies show that audio-supported reading can significantly improve literacy, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary skills.

Audio also adds an entertainment factor. Reading audio-enabled books is effective and fun.

The addition of audio increases the motivation to read by as much as 67%.

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We live in a digital world, in which many tasks have become easier as a result of technology. However, other activities – like reading – are tried and true.

More than 9 in 10 parents say that it is important to them that their children read print books.

-Pew Research Center


Many research studies have found that print books are more effective for building early literacy skills. Enhanced eBooks provide stimulation but can be distracting. VOX Books engage both visual and aural learning without sensory overload.


Children can listen to VOX Books two different ways: either via the speaker at the top of the VOX Reader or via headphones, which can be plugged into the Reader.


VOX Books are durable enough to withstand repeated use by active children. Because the VOX Reader is permanently attached to the book’s front cover, it is both protected and impossible to lose.


VOX Books require no additional media, electronics, or subscriptions. We provide a one-year warranty and replacement policy to ensure your satisfaction.